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BakFlip G2 Tonneau Cover

BAK BakFlip Folding Truck Bed Cover
G2 Version Review

Author: Eric Weeks

Let 's discuss two major challenges regarding the time-honored truck bed tonneau cover: it's either challenging to get at stuff in the bed or they don't provide enough security for your pickup truck bed. BAK resolved both these age-old problems with the G2 (second generation) version of the BakFlip truck bed tonneau cover. The assembly conveniently folds back for total bed access and rear window protection, or can be flipped forward whereby concerns of theft become a veritable non-issue.

Fit your pick-up truck with the BAK BakFlip and delight in all the security of a locking hardtop and easy truck bed accessibility. Fold the cover into its forward-most position and key-lock it into place, or flip it completely back to protect your rear windshield from accidental breakage. Technologically ground-breaking arms secure the top when positioned against the back window. Can be purchased with options such as the BAKRak Truck Rack for most makes and models, exponentially increasing one's hauling capacity. For total bed access, you can get rid of the whole BakFlip from your pick-up effortlessly with the turn of a few wing nuts.

One hundred percent weather-tight, BAK's proprietary gasket material is unconcerned with inclement weather. Your Bakflip's designed to neither shrink nor expand with seasonal changing temperatures. Each panel is constructed from an ABS plastic or polymer material that handles up to two-hundred pounds of evenly shared weight. The slightly rough finish of your BAK BakFlip rivals that of most textured truck accessories found on any of today's passenger trucks. Toughened to fend off otherwise harmful UV rays, the BakFlip won't warp, fade, rust, corrode or crack. Designed to accommodate the BedRug truck bed liner and tight-fitting truck bed caps and tailgate protectors. Instead of corroded, porous metal hinges, the cover panels are attached with a seamless EPDM pliant seal made to out-live your pickup truck and still not leak.

Liberal warranty establishes the G2 version of the BakFlip truck bed cover as a must-have for 2009 and beyond.

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Eric Weeks has been one of the internet's leading experts on folding tonneau covers and, particularly, the BakFlip G2 folding tonneau cover since 2001. Visit these sites now to learn how you can take advantage of this technology that can safeguard both your vehicle and your belongings while improving your gas mileage by as much as 10 - 12%.

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