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Tonneau Covers: an Important Truck Accessory

Author: Terry Brown

Tonneau covers are very useful truck accessories since they protect cargoes from the danger of being stolen as well as protect the truck from the weather. Tonneau covers also add to the aerodynamic properties of the truck which in turn improve gas mileage. The Extang Tonneau is one of the best brands there is and highly recommended by most truck dealers.

There are different types of tonneau covers from which truck owners may choose from whether they are driving a Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Toyota, Nissan or other makes of truck. For the Extang Tonneau brand, car truck owners may choose from the following:
. Extang BlackMax Tonneau Cover
. Extang Folding Tonneau Cover
. Extang Hinged Tonneau Cover
. Extang Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover
. Extang Classic Platinum Tonneau Cover
. Extang FullTilt Tonneau Cover
. Extang RT Tonneau Cover
. Extang Trifecta Tonneau Cover
. Extang Express Tonneau Cover
. Extang FullTilt Tool Box Tonneau Cover
. Extang Saver Tonneau Cover
. Extang Tuff Tonneau III Cover

History of Tonneau Covers
Tonneau covers are commonly known as truck bed covers. The name tonneau came from a French word that means rear seating compartment of a vehicle. Although the truck bed is far from a seating compartment the term tonneau is still applied.

The origin of the tonneau cover is not that clear since this type of cover have evolved from a number of versions designed to serve different purposes and because of this no one can really claim to have invented the tonneau cover. There are different styles of tonneau covers that are available in the market and these are as follows:

. Heavy-Duty Soft Tonneau
. Hard Tonneau
. Retractable Tonneau
. Toolbox tonneau

The Benefits of Tonneau Covers
Tonneau covers helps improve gas mileage. You see closed air truck beds tend to lower air resistance which means less drag. Lesser air resistance will allow drivers to drive faster and to save on gas. How? The air that flows over the front end of the truck, swerve into the hollow bowl of the truck's bed and produces an opposite force. This force then help the truck to cover several miles and in the process saves about 10% of gas. Purchasing a tonneau cover is a great investment with countless of benefits truck owners should have one on for their trucks.

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