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Truck Bed Covers Protect Your Cargo

Author: David Karlson

Studies conclude that truck bed covers can offer a reduction of ten percent in fuel costs. In addition, they provide security to anything you happen to carry in the box of your truck.

The reason for the fuel savings is a reduced drag due to airflow in the truck bed. Other studies have also indicated that a canopy will cause an increase in drag and fuel consumption. Thus, truck bed covers are a better option for pickup truck owners.

In addition, they offer a more finished look to your truck. Truck bed covers look smart and stylish. Protecting your cargo from the weather is another important advantage to having a tonneau cover installed.

There are three basic types of truck bed covers. I briefly describe each one for you.

The first is the folding tonneau cover. These truck bed covers usually come in three sections. The sections fold forward over each other to give access to the bed of the truck. They look good and provide good security for your cargo.

Another of the truck bed covers is the tilting lids. They provide a unique racing look to a truck if you happen to choose the tilting style. Usually this is manufactured out of fiberglass or plastic. These also provide good security for your cargo as well as weather protection. One drawback is that not anything that is rather tall will fit under the lid.

The last of the truck bed covers that we will cover is the retractable tonneau cover. A sliding metal lid slides forward into a can whenever you need to access the bed of the truck. It locks in place and provides excellent security for anything you are carrying.

In addition, it offers excellent protection from the weather. Some higher end models come with a remote control access as well. All you need to do is push a button and the cover slides forwards or backwards.

If you want to protect your cargo and make your truck look more stylish then choose from several different truck bed covers today.

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By D. Karlson

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