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Undercover Hinged Tonneau CoverHinged Tonneau Covers

Hinged tonneau covers come from several manufacturers in hard and soft models. These hinged truck bed covers are usually shipped in one piece and are made from lightweight materials to make installation a breeze. Most hinged tonneau covers are hinged at the front of the truck bed, giving you plenty of room to store you items.

Hard or Soft Materials?

Hinged tonneau covers can make a great addition to your truck - adding style and function. There are many tonneau cover benefits, but you may ask yourself, "hard or soft material?" Hinged hard tonneau covers are generally more expensive than hinged soft tonneau covers. Although the hinged hard tonneau covers do provide extra security and peace of mind, they are usually slightly heavier and more difficult to handle during installation. Some hinged soft tonneau covers can be unfastened from the frame, allowing you to roll-up the soft vinyl material so you can haul taller items. Hinged hard tonneau covers are easily removed, but if you're hauling large items, you'll need to make two trips, or just leave the cover at home. In the end, choosing the right tonneau cover that meets all of your needs is up to you.

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Bak Industries

TiltBak Tonneau Cover

  • Constructed from durabable TPO material with a waterproof EPS core
  • Lightweight, with easy no-drill installation
  • All-season performance - will not crack, fade, rust, squeak, or corrode
  • Integrated drainage system
  • Secure, concealed locking features
  • Tilts up and out of the way for quick access to your truck bed

Extang Full Tilt Tonneau Cover

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Extang FullTilt

Extang FullTilt Tonneau Cover

  • Hinged tonnno design allow for year-round bed access even in the coldest climates
  • Can be easily used with one hand
  • Quick and easy do-it-yourself installation - no drilling required
  • Solid and secure feel as the hinged tonno is opened and closed
  • Hinges at the front cab rail and not in the middle of tonno material avoiding tarp wear
  • Front hinge allows maximum access to bed
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Undercover Tonneau Covers

Undercover Hard Tonneau Cover

  • Heavy duty, lightweight construction
  • Strong and practically indestructible
  • Easy to install in less than 40 minutes
  • Easy to remove or replace in less than one minute
  • Aerodynamic design for increased fuel economy
  • Dual stainless steel locks for increased security
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