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Roll-N-Lock Locking Tonneau CoverLocking Tonneau Covers

What's the best way to keep items in the bed of your pickup truck safe? With a locking tonneau cover, of course! They clamp on tight, securing your possessions from prying eyes and safely locking them up so they can't be stolen.

Why Do I Need a Locking Bed Cover?

All tonneau covers keep your cargo out of view of prying eyes - reducing your chances of becoming a victim of theft. Leaving your items in plain view in the back of your truck is just asking for trouble. But a tonneau cover can only provide so much protection unless its locked. A locking tonneau cover will keep your items safe and sound.

Tailgate Locks

Most locking tonneau covers feature some sort of keyed entry method, although some have hidden latches that can only be opened when the tailgate is down. If your tailgate can't be locked, then you must purcahse a tailgate lock in order to secure your truck bed.

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Advance Cover

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Advance Cover Corporation

Advance Tonneau Cover

  • 4-point latch system offering keyless operations.
  • Rounded edges and rear corners for a sleek look.
  • Improves gas mileage - covers bed for less wind resistance
  • Quick and easy access to your total cargo area.
  • Accessibility - front and back panels open
  • Rear panels can be stacked and secured on top of front panel to transport tall items
  • The cover removes in one minute and replaces in one minute
  • Sturdy flush mounted locks on front and rear keeps your cover secure to protect your valuables from theft
  • Available in 2- and 4-panel versions
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Bak Industries

RollBak Tonneau Cover

  • Custom designed and available for most pickup trucks
  • Retracts effortlessly
  • Intermittent locking positions
  • Heavy duty aluminum slats with felt-lined underside
  • Completely concealed tamper-proof locking
  • Weatherproof construction - keeps the rain out!
  • Designed and built to outlast your truck
  • Sleek, low profile design for ultimate style
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Roll N Lock Tonneau Covers

Roll-N-Lock Retractable Tonneau Cover

  • Contoured, patented hinge design provides smooth, frictionless movement
  • Patented clamp-on track design greatly simplifies the installation process while minimizing the need for drilling
  • Handle mechanism rolls back flush with the face of the compact housing, allowing more room for unobstructed storage
  • Heavy duty torsion spring drive which is housed in a 3" aluminum reel to ensure years of reliable use
  • Recessed drain fittings ensure rapid and complete drainage of the unit housing
  • Patented ratchet-style locking mechanism latches in place at ¼, ½, ¾ or fully-closed positions
  • With just a turn of the lock-lever, the bed cover slides open
  • Easily closed with integrated pull strap
  • Highly secure construction with a patented built-in tailgate locking system
  • key slot cover to prevent water from entering the lock mechanism and freezing
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Undercover Tonneau Covers

Undercover Hard Tonneau Cover

  • Heavy duty, lightweight construction
  • Strong and practically indestructible
  • Easy to install in less than 40 minutes
  • Easy to remove or replace in less than one minute
  • Aerodynamic design for increased fuel economy
  • Dual stainless steel locks for increased security
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