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Extang Solid FoldTonneau Cover Benefits

There are many different benefits of having a tonneau cover on your pickup truck. Bed covers add value to your truck, help improve your fuel economy, protect your cargo from inclement weather, increase truck bed security, and best of all look great!

Improved Gas Mileage

Whoever thought that having a good-looking auto accessory could actually save you money? Tonneau covers provide a huge advantage for pickup truck owners because truck bed covers reduce the amount of air drag on your vehicle, which helps to increase fuel economy. According to a recent SEMA report, installing a tonneau cover on your truck can reduce drag by more than 10%. Over the life of your tonneau cover, you could potentially save more than $1,000 in fuel savings.

Protection from the Weather

How many times have you driven home from the grocery store only to have the rain pour down on you? Your bags and boxes will quickly soak up the water, but with a tonneau cover, you wouldn't have to worry about such accidents. Truck bed covers protect your cargo from the elements - rain, sleet, hail, snow or whatever else nature can throw at you. Keep the contents of your truck bed dry and safe from all different types of inclement weather with a tonneau cover. And don't worry about having to deal with snaps, especially in cold weather - many cover manufacturers now offer snapless tonneau covers.

Truck Bed Security

Leaving items in the back of your truck bed when shopping at the local hardware store or while taking a night out on the town is basically an open invitation for thieves. If you're like us, then you probably keep a lot of tools and equipment in the back of your truck. Having these items out in the open is a big security risk. With a tonneau, your valuable cargo can be safely hidden away underneath the cover - out of sight - out of mind. Although tonneau covers are not 100% foul-proof, they do discourage theft. For added security, some manufacturers are now offering locking tonneau covers.

Great Looks that are Easy to Install

Tonneu covers have changed dramatically over the last decade or so. There are now more options to make your truck bed a customized look, while maintaining a budget. Newer low profile tonneau covers give your truck a sleek, streamlined look. Combine that with easy installation, and you have a real winner. With the many advances in engineering technology, many truck bed covers can now be installed in less than an hour. Tonneau covers help hide the junk that many of us carry in our truck beds, making it an instaneous benefit from the standpoint of organization. When the wind isn't blowing around the stuff in your truck bed, items stay in place, preventing damage to the cargo and damage to your truck bed.