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TruXedo Tool Box Tonneau CoverTool Box Tonneau Covers

If you already have a tool box or you want to get a toolbox for your pickup truck, but still want to have a tonneau cover, don't fret! Some manufacturers are now offering truck bed covers that work with your existing tool box, or have an integrated tool box. These tool box tonneau covers have many of the same features as their standard tonneau counterparts. Why sacrifice one or the other when you can have both?


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Extang Tool Box Tonneau Cover

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Extang Tool Box Tonneau Covers

Extang Tool Box Tonneau Covers

  • A great solution for truck owners who already own a tool box, no matter what brand
  • The tool box tonneaus fit most standard tool box sizes
  • Simple, quick and easy do-it-yourself installation - no drilling required
  • Adjustable sealing system allows for a weather-tite seal between the tonneau cover and the tool box
  • All-climate tonneau design that's fully adjustable for easy use in cold weather climates
  • Available in three styles of tonneau covers:
    • Extang RT Roll-Up Tonneau Cover
    • FullTilt Hinged Tonneau Cover
    • Classic Platinum Snap Tonneau Cover
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TruXedo Plus

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TruXedo Tonneau Covers

TruXedoPlus Tonneau Cover

  • Innovative soft roll-up tonneau cover with integrated toolbox
  • 11" deep and 18" wide toolbox with skid-resistant mat to keep cargo stable
  • Toolbox is black powder coated and blends into the tonneau cover - compliments the look of any truck
  • Latch is concealed by the cover and toolbox is lockable for the safety of your cargo
  • Durable aluminum construction - built with
    a continuous hinge and reinforced lid for strength
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